I Want to Start a Blog When I Grow Up

I thought it would be good to start with answering the question of "why".

Why start a blog?

I can think of a big ol' bucket full of reasons, but I'll just share a few closest to my heart.

Number 1:  Community is precious and in this ever evolving digital space we find ourselves in, we are able to connect in places unforeseen.  What a gift to be able to meet women all over the world brought together by mutual passions and interests. Nothing has impacted me quite as much as the women in my life that have so graciously loved me, pushed me to be better, laughed with me and grown with me. Here is a place to do all of those things.

Number 2: I am, by nature, an oversharer. What does any good over-sharer, talk-to-a-brick-wall type do? Start a blog, where there is an infinite amount of listeners. 

Number 3: I am a nutrition junky. I went through a no sugar, no gluten, no red meat, dairy free phase and was never the same. I am now a converted lover of coconut oil, anything green and leafy, GF flour, dates, organic maple syrup and honey, almond milk, every nut butter imaginable, and anything I can label raw, paleo and occasionally vegan. When I first started this journey my only reference point was the blogs I was able to find online. There I found recipe ideas, ingredient substitutions, and people who loved being weird about their food as much as I do. So on my little corner of the inter-webs I plan on dedicating a small portion to my food journey, my recipes, and my kitchen. 

Number 4: Last but probably most importantly,  I want to share my life as Jesus continues to shape me as a woman, wife, daughter and friend. He is constantly teaching me and I want to share those moments with you. 

Thanks for being apart of my journey.

- Kali