Hi, my name is Kali.

My 3 most distinctive roles are Christ follower, wife, and mother. 

I like to write things. Mostly soul things, as the Lord works and moves in my own life. I am one of those "must know the answer to everything" types, which has made me pursue theology and doctrinal knowledge with zeal. Both of these things have played an active and foundational role in my relationship with the Father. Theology is important to me because it acts as a lens from which I am able to more clearly view the character and glory of God.  The study of God (What theology actually is) has allowed me to place God at the proper place in my life, as Creator, Father & Lord of All and myself as a desperately in-need-of-grace sinner. 

My hope is that Heaven & Hearth can be a place to share my passions, thoughts, and faith with you. Grace is the bridge of reconciliation that I walk each day - and I would be nothing without it. 

My husband JT and I currently call the Midwest home and live in a little house with our son Ezra and 3 pups. JT is a Student Pastor and is currently working on his Mdiv, he is super man and some how manages to balance being a husband, dad, pastor, & student with grace, humility and selflessness. I like to brag on my hubs a lot, so this is just your forewarning, ha. When I am not scribbling away or being a mama to our sweet boy, I like to hike mountains, drink coffee, and spend time in community.